Client Case: US Virgin Islands Develop

Innovation Ecosystem



  • The University of the Virgin Island’s Research & Technology Park is an economic development agency based in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. The RTPark has 30+ client companies, and is expanding its reach to: A) attract more firms in knowledge and technology intensive sectors; and B) cultivate an innovation ecosystem unique to the US Virgin Islands that can advance economic development in the territory.


  • Lay the ground work for sponsorship and leadership of innovation ecosystem building in the US Virgin Islands including leaders from the territorial government, the University of Virgin Islands, and prominent businesses.
  • Assess the condition of the innovation ecosystem in the territory using the Rainforest Scorecard; and, engage stakeholders about what innovation means in the Caribbean and how it can be authentically expressed in the US Virgin Islands.
  • Set the stage and execute a Rainforest Immersion event attended by stakeholders from all the US Virgin Islands.
  • Renew the purpose and strategic direction of the UVI RTPark Program.
  • Introduce the Rainforest principles and tools as they relate to the RTPark role as an innovation intermediary – and the synergies between innovation and economic development.


  • Thorough review of conditions, progress, opportunities and challenges.
  • Alignment of RTPark board and other stakeholders on the benefits of innovation ecosystem strategy to advance economic development in the US Virgin Islands.


  • Participants in the planning phases of this engagement include board members of the UVI RTPark and other stakeholders. These were convened twice at the RTPark. Additional remotely facilitated online video conferences were conducted over a period of a year.
  • The Rainforest Scorecard was deployed across the US Virgin Islands to gather innovation ecosystem assessment data and commentary about innovation in the territory.
  • A 1-day Rainforest Immersion was conducted to introduce Rainforest principles, present analysis of Rainforest Scorecard data, engage the participants in prioritizing improvement initiatives, and developing action plans to address them.



  • Innovation ecosystem strategy and tactics for the US Virgin Islands.
  • Rainforest Principles: educational keynote address on innovation culture, leadership, strategy, and social contracts for increasing trust.
  • Rainforest Scorecard assessment, data, summary charts, and analysis
  • Immersion event conducted at the RTPark on St. Croix.
  • Event summary, action plans, and recommendations for sustaining the momentum.


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