Consulting for Specific Innovation Results

1. In-Depth Enterprise Analysis & Consultation

For groups that need in-depth corporate and entire ecosystem assessment, innovation ecosystem design, innovation project execution, and or benchmarking, RFS can bring to bear all its methods and tools for issue specific deep-dives or enterprise wide transformation efforts. Our highly skilled consultants bring global experience to your specific problem or opportunity. Try our Rainforest Scorecard innovation assessment (short-form) onlne for free. We'll send you the results with a brief analysis.

Client cases: World Bank Vietnam and World Bank Global

2. Leadership Development for innovation

For groups where the leaders of a new innovation ecosystem effort are either inexperienced in their role or as a leadership team, Leadership Development programming from RFS will develop your unique leadership style, skills, and confidence needed in the Rainforest you want to create. This programming gives participants the ability to lead diverse Rainforest stakeholders for increased enterprise performance. Customized individual coaching is available on all RFS topics and methods.

Client cases: Imaging Healthcare Specialists and IVP Care.

3. Technology commercialization

For clients who need assistance with taking an idea to market and creating financial value – typically through licensing an invention, developing a new product or service, or creating a new business (the “mind-to-market” process), RFS can provide proven technology commercialization processes. Our technology commercialization approach is based on more than 25 years of experience working with universities, research institutes, companies, and governments in some 20 countries. See Technology Commercialization to learn about these services and the benefits they generate.

Client cases: Republic of Georgia and European Commission EuropeAid.

Email or call us to start the conversation about consulting with your organization or region. To help you scope where specific consulting may be helpful, start with our Rainforest Immersion 1-day event.