Client Case: BitTorrent

Disruptive internet technology firm balances innovation and production during rapid growth 

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  • BitTorrent’s software is used to transmit ~30% of all Internet traffic with secure peer-to-peer technologies. 


  • The purpose of this engagement was to align leadership differences causing problems of resource allocation, goal setting, etc.

  • Shift from start-up/founders management style to best in class strategic management disciplines so that innovation and production priorities could be balanced.


  • Company is on growth track with alignment and operating clarity
  • Scaling services and organization with headquarters in San Francisco.
  • New product/service offers have continued to roll-out while company has retained "freemium" early user base. 

Participants & Process

  • Top 15 in company for off-site retreats
  • Two multi-day programs over a 6 month period

Project Team:


  • Directional Statements: Mission, Values, Vision quantifiable BHAG (big hairy audacious goal)
  • Strategic Themes and Core Objectives 

What Next? 

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