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Henry Doss
Bio + Projects


“If you want to get things done, if you want to move the trash, there is no substitute for frequent, informal conversation.  Language drives action, and action needs frequent course correction.  So, talk to people.  Often.”

Henry is interested in the intersection of personal leadership, innovation science, and the study of the humanities. He believes that literature, history, and philosophy have things to tell us about creating great businesses. And great people. And great societies. He’s also a pretty decent guitar player and songwriter, with several original songs making it onto national charts.  And he likes to hike.


Patsy Kahoe, Associate
+1 843-298-4755
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"No problem can be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it." -- Albert Einstein

Patsy enjoys conversations about group processes and environments that enhance collaboration and high-performance teaming. She's big on travel, archaeology, nature, and music.

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Joe Sterling, General Manager
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+1 619-206-2403


“Crafting strategy for the future is critical, especially when doing so prepares us for the breakthroughs right under our noses, the breakthroughs we can make right now.”

Joe loves to talk and learn about the "5R's": what makes groups, ecosystems and organizations Robust, Resilient and Responsible; how Related we are to everything; and how to Renew our minds every day. 

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Jeff VanderWielen, Associate
+1 858-922-3237
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“Innovation is the creation of beneficial realities that don’t yet exist. Great leaders suspend both past and present, and imagine future possibilities with their people. This activates latent potential in their organization and environment.”

Jeff likes to talk about emerging trends in the social and business landscape: A.I. and the augmented organization, the 60-year career, and the changing role of business in society as an agent for good. And from there, how does the combination of concurrent trends shape the emerging organization? How do leaders need to sense and respond to key shifts to keep their team and organization agile, fresh and competitive? Jeff enjoys reading literature and business trends books and loves to swim, hike and enjoy nature.

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Alistair Brett
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+1 202-251-4352


“Innovation – and life – is all about complex adaptive systems. The more we learn about these the more we understand our daily lives. Innovation is about solving problems. Innovation science help us solve problems.”

Alistair is obsessed with applying knowledge of complexity to enhancing innovation, but also enjoys discussing science, philosophy, pre-Raphaelite and impressionist paintings, and generating ideas while urban walking.


Check out this video from the Rainforest Immersion for Innovation Frontera (El Paso, TX + Las Cruces, NM + Juarez, Mexico) in 2015.


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