Rainforest Strategies cultivates untapped innovation in your culture, your leaders, and your strategies. Our clients around the world are corporate executives, institutional leaders, and influential entrepreneurs.

Rainforest Strategies helps you increase your innovation capacity, velocity, and sustainability by Measuring, Facilitating, Educating, and Coaching innovation inside your organization.

We focus on aligning your culture, leadership, and strategy for greater innovation.


The science of innovation is the science of human systems, which are biological. Rainforest ecosystem behavior is analogous to human innovation ecosystems. Innovation cultures require the language of living systems, hence Rainforest. To learn more about the science of innovation and “Rainforests” see our published works here.



Rainforest Innovation Model


Innovation Culture can be evolved in your organization to embrace change, increase creativity, and consistently make smart innovation experiments faster.


Innovation Leadership can frame, empower, protect, and encourage innovation across your organization, and in particular, among your internal innovation role models.


Innovation Strategy can align your organization's priorities, resources, infrastructure, frameworks, and priorities for innovation.


We Measure. Our Rainforest Scorecard innovation assessment has been used by thousands of individuals, including groups from discrete companies up to entire bi-national regions. The Rainforest Scorecard measures the strength of six classes of performance drivers in innovation ecosystems. This assessment reveals strengths and improvement opportunities, and has proven to enable collaborative design and prioritization of innovation initiatives.


We Facilitate. Innovation ecosystems function through multi-stakeholder collaborations. Facilitated events regarding strategy, leadership, and culture development, using our accelerated collaboration processes can range in size from a few leaders to 1000’s of diverse stakeholders.


We Educate. Rainforest Strategies provides educational programming and materials on the strategy, leadership, and culture of innovation. Our curricula are based on the science of innovation and good practices in strategic management and leadership.


We Coach. Leading innovation, and being in innovative states, requires a different mindset than one focused on production, precision, and predictability. Coaching helps those charged with leading innovating to develop mental and emotional flexibility enabling innovation breakthroughs.


Human Potential:  Innovation cultivates the full potential for good in every person and organization.

Prosperity:  Innovation improves prosperity in families, organizations and communities.

Capacity:  Innovation enables people to get better at solving problems and achieving their dreams.

Velocity:  Innovation drives the acceleration of these improvements.

Sustainability:  Innovation, when coupled with focused effort, drives economic, social, and environmental sustainability.