Client Case: Dignity Health

LARGE Healthcare System Works to Improve Innovation Across Nursing Leadership

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  • Dignity Health is made up of over 60,000 caregivers and staff in 21 states. It is the fifth largest health system in the nation and the largest hospital system in California.


  • Introduced Rainforest and innovation principles to annual Dignity Health "Performance Excellence" conference attendees.

  • Quickly assess the culture relative to innovation from the perspective of nursing leaders. 

  • Facilitate 30 executives to analyze that assessment data and select high-leverage innovation improvement opportunities resonant with the assessed nursing leaders.

Participants & Process

  • Over 150 heads of nursing and other executives from across the Dignity Health system
  • Keynote presentation followed by a workshop engaging all 150 conference attendees who used the Rainforest Scorecard & Rainforest Radar to assess their culture.
  • Executive workshop to analyze assessment data and identify improvement opportunities. The keynote plus the executive workshop effectively covered much of what participants do during our Rainforest Immersion 1-day events.


  • In under two days, the leaders of the system generated 1) a robust perception of the state of innovation in the system, and 2) an actionable set of priorities to improve upon that condition.
  • Importantly, those priorities could be acted upon confidently because the nursing leaders who would be affected by changes had a voice in setting the innovation priorities.

Project Team:


  • Consolidated innovation assessment scores and radar plots for ~150 organization leaders
  • Synthesis of data by 30 client executives yielding statements of strategic issues, visions of success, high-leverage innovation improvement opportunities, and initial action steps.

What Next? 

If you find this Client Case inspiring, please contact an RFS Partner about how to get the same kinds of services and outcomes for your organization.