Patsy Kahoe

Associate & Project leader

Patsy Kahoe serves as project lead for Rainforest Strategies client engagements as well as internal projects.

For 25 years Patsy has worked with the leading developers and practitioners of collaborative processes to solve complex, systemic challenges in a compressed time frame. In the mid-90s she led the development of the first global network of freelance knowledge workers to support this type of collaborative work with 100s of active members.

Patsy has also been deeply involved in the shift from 20th century workplace facilities to work-environments specifically designed to enhance creativity and group collaboration. She has been project manager on dozens of facilities design/build/use projects, both domestic and abroad. Clients have ranged from the World Economic Forum at Davos to NASA, from Yahoo! to Ernst & Young, including portable and permanent facilities used in medical and educational environments.

Patsy spent over 20 years with MG Taylor Corporation, a seminal leader in collaborative processes. She held a central corporate role during its expansion, which included the licensing and transfer of the Taylor Methodology to Ernst & Young, the World Economic Forum, NASA and other organizations around the world.

Today Patsy continues working in the fields of innovative environments and group process – producing and delivering collaborative events as well as advising startups, and designing and sourcing furniture, accessories and custom solutions for collaborative workspaces.

Patsy joined the Rainforest Strategies team through her role as Sponsor Liaison for T2 Venture Creation’s 2015 Global Innovation Summit, where RFS methods were first tested as a conference-scale group process. She continued supporting the delivery of the RFS process as Project Leader for the Rainforest Master Plan pilot programs executed for the U.S. Department of Commerce throughout 2015, becoming an associate with Rain Forest Strategies in January 2016.