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Our books and articles are based on experience alloyed with the best science available on our focus topics. Over the past decade, our team has published on innovation culture, strategy, and leadership including applications to companies, institutions, communities, and innovation ecosystems.

Using our groundbreaking Rainforest Scorecard, we deliver innovation assessments in many kinds of settings: corporate, institutional, government, communities of practice, and entire regional innovation ecosystems. Based on an assessment you can make the most informed facilitation, education, and coaching investments.

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To begin applying these ideas immediately in your company, institution or region, download a complimentary copy of The Rainforest Scorecard innovation assessment, and then take the short-form of the Rainforest Scorecard assessment online. Most people complete it in under 20 minutes. We’ll provide you with an analysis of your scores - our thanks for checking us out. If you're looking for an introduction event where we put these ideas to work, our Rainforest Immersion 1-day is a great place to start.