5 RFS Consulting Relationships that Improve Innovation Results


1. Executive Advisory

For executives who would like private coaching on the potentials, implications and benefits for leaders of innovation ecosystems: Executive Advisory services put RFS experts at your service. Whether the issues are technical, political, or organizational, our Executive Advisors provide world-class support and coaching so leaders take decisions and act with confidence.

2. In Depth Enterprise Analysis & Consultation

For groups that need corporate and ecosystem assessment, solution design, project execution, and benchmarking: In Depth Enterprise Analysis & Consultation can fill any resource gaps your organization may have in RFS technical competencies. RFS can augment your capacity and capabilities with highly skilled and seasoned expertise to ensure success.

Client cases: Republic of Georgia and European Commission EuropeAid.

3. Leadership Development for innovation

For groups where the leaders of a new innovation ecosystem effort are either inexperienced in their role or as a leadership team, Leadership Development programming from RFS will develop the unique leadership style, skills, and personal power that are needed in the Rainforest  you want to create. This programming can be delivered to individuals or groups to give participants the ability to lead their many and diverse Rainforest stakeholders for increased enterprise performance.

Client cases: Imaging Healthcare Specialists and IVP Care.

4. Subject Matter Expert Consultation

For groups that need specific technical advice and insight, Subject Matter Expert Consultation brings the right talent to bear on your unique situation. RFS subject matter experts are leaders in their field and bring those skills and insights to the Rainforest context.

Client cases: RutaN/Bogota and the World Bank.

5. Rainforest Master Plan - Systemic Consultation

RFS consults at the highest level of enterprise strategy. Rainforest Master Plan engagements are utilized by major corporations, regional and national economic ministries to help their organizations align their world with the Rainforest realities that are emerging in the economies in which we operate. These services can lead or follow innovation ecosystem creation, although the former is highly preferred.

Client case: US Department of Commerce RaMP Pilot in El Paso/Juarez/Las Cruces.