Innovate Daytona: Rainforest Discovery Session with Business Leaders in Daytona Beach, FL

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RFS is conducting a Rainforest Discovery Session today in Daytona Beach, Florida, for 50 Daytona movers and shakers. Henry Doss is onsite and Joe Sterling is co-facilitating and providing graphic capture (remotely via WebEx). The group is examining their local innovation ecosystem with the aid of our Rainforest Scorecard. They will be synthesizing strategic issues and developing initiatives from Scorecard data. Those actions will help Daytona improve its innovation ecosystem and thereby improve economic development and collaboration in the region. 

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Fostering A Culture of Innovation:

Daytona Beach boasts a rich heritage of innovators coming together to experiment, iterate and push the state of the art. Building on that heritage and fostering a renewed culture of innovation is the core purpose of Innovate Daytona.


Our mission is to:

·        make the Daytona region a hub for innovation that attracts and retains highly talented individuals, increasing the area’s average income

·        launch initiatives that will attract media attention to innovation and entrepreneurship

·        develop synergy between companies, agencies, and leaders to create clarity of vision

·        connect people, innovations, and funding

·        integrate entrepreneurship activities into local schools, colleges, and universities

·        increase trust, diversity, and mentorship while reducing the fear of failure in our community