How do you know you need Rainforest Strategies?

Ask yourself these top 10 questions

  1. Are you ready for a breakthrough in your organization’s capacity to innovate?  
  2. Would your organization benefit from increasing the velocity of innovation?
  3. How sustainable are your innovation efforts? Could they be made more sustainable?
  4. Would it help you to measure the attributes of your innovation ecosystem, to identify strengths and improvement opportunities?
  5. If your leaders could facilitate accelerated innovation and collaboration, would that help?
  6. Do you want your people to know and apply the science of innovation, including good practices for innovation leadership and culture?
  7. Would specific consultation or customized presentations on innovation topics be helpful?
  8. Could 1-on-1 coaching help your leaders and innovation role models get better faster?
  9. What would your organization be like next year, if you made progress on innovation this year?
  10. How would your life improve by making real progress on these points over the next twelve months?

We help you achieve the next level in 5 steps

Generally, RFS engagements include a blend of the five following elements. How they are assembled is something we co-create with you for maximum relevance and effectiveness:

  1. We assess enterprise and community innovation attributes: leadership; frameworks, infrastructure, policies; resources; activities and engagement; role models; and culture. See our Rainforest Scorecard.
  2. Through analysis of your assessment data, we help you identify innovation strengths and improvement opportunities across the enterprise, your supply chains, and community – including how these are reflected in your innovation strategies and strategic plans. See examples of Rainforest Radars and analyses.
  3. We facilitate you to prioritize your strategic issues, collaboratively design solutions with all relevant stakeholders, and integrate these into your strategies, and strategic and operating plans to ensure implementation. See examples of Rainforest Immersion event summaries and other documentation.
  4. We provide education on the science and methods of innovation that enable your organization to deliberately grow its innovation culture; and, we provide support to the enterprise-wide implementation of solutions. See our Rainforest Fellows and Rainforest Leadership programs.
  5. Lastly, we coach, consult, and speak on innovation and the change management mastery seen in highly-dynamic innovative organizations. Periodically, we re-assess to help you measure progress and develop a cycle of continuous improvement around innovation.

These five general steps are customized to fit your unique context. We start where you are, and together move your organization to its next level of innovation capacity, velocity, and sustainability. If you would like to explore what a custom program for your organization could look like, contact us today.

See our sample Rainforest keynote slide show.