Our collaboration approach to innovation enables high quality, high impact solutions.

Custom Design Labs:

Design Labs apply accelerated collaboration and design thinking methods that accomplish months of productivity in just days. Labs can range from under 20 participants to over 200. RFS partners and associates have been pioneering accelerated group facilitation methods for over 20 years. Our team members were instrumental in building and growing CapGemini's global network of Accelerated Solutions Environments; contributed to the E&Y Center for Business Innovation and the IBM Institute for Business Value. We participated or led the construction, furnishing, staffing, and methodological training of collaborative design facilities in the US and Europe.

Design Lab sample case studies include: BitTorrent, Microsoft SkypeSolar Turbines, and Vodafone NL.

Rainforest Master Plan series (RaMP):

RaMP programming helps participant communities mature from discovery of Rainforest concepts to multi-year implementation of innovation ecosystem development and culture change. RaMP programs run from 1-5 days as outlined below.

1-3 hours

Rainforest Keynote and Workshop

Presentation + Experiential Learning
For groups that are new to innovation ecosystem concepts and want an engaging introduction that produces relevant insights, we conduct Keynote presentations for conferences or private gatherings. These build awareness of RFS innovation concepts that would include real-time application of concepts to client topics to aid learning and generate actionable outputs.

Learn more about keynote speaking engagements and client examples including Innovate Daytona and Dignity Health.

1 day

Discovery Sessions

Collaborative Learning + Assessment
For groups that are familiar with the Rainforest and innovation ecosystem ideas, and want to assess their own innovation ecosystem to learn about its health: we offer discovery sessions that deepen understanding of innovation and how to grow an innovation culture. A Discovery Session may include the Rainforest Scorecard assessment and introduces other Rainforest tools to work real client issues. This day is commonly used by leadership teams considering full RaMP deployments.  

For a Discovery Session example see Rainforest Alberta and US Virgin Islands.

2 days

Immersion forums

Assessment + Mapping Strategic Issues
For groups that are excited about innovation ecosystem concepts, Immersion Forums guide groups to assess their innovation ecosystem and map out strategic choices and issues. This two-day program integrates innovation ecosystem assessment, statistical analysis, and identification of strategic issues and priorities. These two days also identify helping and hindering issues, and necessary conditions for success. This event sets up key decisions and produces actionable results.

For Immersion examples see RaMP efforts in Rocky Mount and El Paso/Juarez

3 days

Solution Design workshops

Planning Implementation + Roadmapping
For groups that have committed to launch an innovation ecosystem and need to make decisions, build roadmaps, and kick-off their program with stakeholders, our Solution Design Workshops build on the Immersion Forums, to deepen educational components while the group designs a specific Innovation Ecosystem and solutions to strategic issues. This step includes road-mapping, resourcing, and specific inter-agency agreements. It often includes a ceremonial launch activity. 

For multi-day solution design efforts see Solar Turbines and Vodafone NL.

1-5 days

Custom Rainforest Summits

Launching the Innovation Ecosystem
For groups that are ready to launch their innovation ecosystem by engaging all stakeholders, custom Rainforest Summits bring motivation and collaborative rigor to large enterprise-wide events - and are designed with local style. This sets the tone and shows the high profile endorsement for implementing ecosystem plans. These large events galvanize ecosystems.

For Innovation Summit examples from 2014 and 2015 visit www.InnoSummit.com and view the video below.

A Rainforest client case, Microsoft Bing, shows how we applied the combined brain power of the entire Global Innovation Summit of 400+ participants to address a specific challenge for Bing.

2014 Global Innovation Summit Essence Video


Email or call us to start the conversation about designing an event for your organization or region.